Useful Information For New Canadians

You can find here valuable information for the first years living in Canada. There are links to websites for renting apartments, addresses where to apply for Social Insurance Number (ID without which you can’t work or open a bank account), application for Provincial Medical Service Plan in BC, telephone companies, free of charge internet access, different searches for people, educational sources, public and private schools, scholarship, diploma evaluation, public transportation schedule, how to start your own business, patents in Canada etc.
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Job Opportunities for Insurance Agents in Canada

The president of Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. Company Michael Arbetov offers a job opportunity in British Columbia to all insurance agents with a possibility to extend their services to other Canadian provinces. I will help you to prepare for the exam, provide training and assist in finding your new clients. My agency deals with individual insurances only (excluding car, housing etc. insurances). An Insurance Agent in Canada deals not only insurance packages but investment products as well. There are plenty of job opportunities.
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Construction Foreign Workers Needed in Canada

Please apply by email and send your resume to
job– Drywall Installers with Steel/stud and/or T-Bar ceiling experience
– Plasterers/Stucco Plasterers
– Steel/Stud Applications
– Acoustic Tile Installers
– Drywall Installers
– Tile Setters
– Tapers
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Your Community Directory

Sometimes it is necessary to know who can speak your language and serves your community. Russian community is growing in Canada. Every single day more than one Russian speaking families are arriving to Canada. They need to find Russian speaking…
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